To Floss or Not to Floss?

So I have been getting a few questions about the recent news that the Federal government has dropped the recommendation to floss in The Dietary Guidelines For Americans.

Here is an article on that:

Ultimately there has not been a lot of good studies to show that flossing helps save teeth.   That is partly because there has not been a double blind type study that had a flossing group and a non-flossing group to study long term bone loss.  This study has most likely not occurred because a review board would probably never approve it.  This does not mean that flossing is not beneficial.

This article mentions some of those points:

We will keep telling people to floss daily unless evidence arises that it is not beneficial.

As our epidemiology professor Philippe Hujoel said in dental school at the University of Washington, “Flossing may not definitively keep my teeth from falling out but shampoo does not keep my hair from falling out and I do that every day.”

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