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  • Manson Dentistry has done such a wonderful job! I HATE the dentist. Everyone here has done so much to make sure I am comfortable and not stressed throughout various procedures (cleanings, fillings, and getting a crown). I would highly recommend this practice!

    Bridget K. Avatar
    Bridget K.

    The dental team is amazing and friendly. The receptionist always explain with details on my insurance coverage prior to do any treatments. Dr. Manson is very knowledgeable and experienced. He found a crack tooth during the exam. He directed me to have crown done immediately to prevent from loosing it. Three weeks later, I got my crown replacement. Dr. Manson did an excellent work. Thank you Dr. Manson for saving my tooth. I am impressed with the professional service and great quality dental work from Manson Dentistry. I highly recommend this place.

    Virak L. Avatar
    Virak L.
  • I have been going to practice for many years. The care I have and my family has received has been the best. Dr. Theron has been amazing. But the 3-4 times a year I get my cleaning has been the best ever. Erin the hygienist is the best I have ever encountered. She is warm and welcoming. Her technique is amazing. My teeth have never felt bettered. At my age of 70 I have seen many over the years in this office and other. Erin is by far the best of the best. Thank you Erin and the Manson team.

    Mike B. Avatar
    Mike B.

    I love Mason Dentistry. I know it's crazy to hear someone say they "love their Denist" since most people hate the dentist.

    Mason Dentistry is really something special. They really care about the comfort of the patient and they do everything possible to assure their patient is as comfortable as possible. They explain everything that needs to be done in great detail so able to fully understand what needs to be done during your visit & future visits. Not only are the Doctors great but the entire staff is wonderful. Starting from the receptionist that not only books your appointments but also will take the time to explain what your insurance covers and what you have to pay out of pocket to the Dental Assistants, Surgeons & Hygienists on staff.

    To be honest I've always have had major anxiety whenever I've had to the dentist so I didn't go often. Mason dentistry has changed that completely for me. They make me feel so comfortable and I know when I go in I'm not going to be in pain as they work on my teeth and the results will be wonderful.

    I want to thank everyone at Mason Dentistry that is helping me get my smile back. 😃

    Tineke H. Avatar
    Tineke H.

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