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  • I have been going to this office for over 30 years, first under the ownership of Dr. Nelson whom has since retired and now under the ownership of Dr. Connie Manson and Theron Manson. While I miss Dr. Nelson and despite the transition of ownership and some of the staff, the customer service has remained top notch. The office environment has an incredible warm and friendly feel. They always are genuinely interested in how I am doing and ask about my daughter. I have very high anxiety with dental visits but the staff is so calm which helps immensely (in addition to the nitrous). I still have anxiety with dental visits but thanks to the exceptional service at Manson Dentistry, I actually keep up with my bi-annual visits.

    I also have a daughter with some extra needs. I used to take her to a specialty pediatric dental clinic through U of W, however the past few years I have been able to transition her to Manson Dentistry. They have been engaging and accommodating of her needs. They also are great at listening to her educate them about all things wildlife.

    As long as I live in this area, I wouldn't consider ever switching dental providers. They provide exceptional care that is not always easy to find and everyone really does "know your name."

    Rachelle K. Avatar
    Rachelle K.

    I would highly recommend Manson Dentistry for your dental needs. They have a very efficient system in place and a great team of kind and personable experts at every level. They devote undivided care and attention to every patient and explain everything they're doing in an easily digestible manner. They truly do go that extra mile. My own experience with them has been and continues to be a very pleasant one.

    For example, I still don't exactly know how this is possible, but they managed to make the seemingly excruciating experience of having my jaw drilled in for a dental implant, the subsequent recovery, and the eventual implant insertion . . . relatively easy! Thanks guys!

    Goran D. Avatar
    Goran D.
  • I had a hard time going to dentistry during the pandemic, but the whole team is really careful and taking all needed processes very seriously. Due to some caries and some filling replacements by crowns, there was a lot of work. The team is always super nice, there do everything to make it as pleasant as possible. Even for a three hours appointment, it was easily endurable. Just ask for the extra pillow... 🙂

    Christian P. Avatar
    Christian P.

    I had my two Crowns made by Dr Theron. He did an excellent work. Dr Theron is patient to answer any questions and keep cautions on every teeth issues. BTW, their staffs are also very nice!

    Bu J. Avatar
    Bu J.

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