Restorative Dentistry

Problems such as broken, chipped, decayed, or missing teeth are all too common. Fortunately, you can always call our Kirkland dentist for help. If you are experiencing issues such as severe sensitivity or something feeling a bit “off” in your bite, Dr. Theron Manson can help you find a solution.

Some of the restorative services we offer include:woman feeling a broken tooth with her tongue before getting restorative dental services

White Fillings – A dental filling can help restore a tooth which has suffered mild to moderate decay. We also can replace older, deteriorating fillings once they show signs of failure. At our Kirkland office, we offer composite fillings which are minimally invasive and matched to the color of your teeth.

Crowns – A crown is a custom fitted “cap” for your broken or decayed tooth. They will restore the shape of your tooth as well as protect it from further wear and breakage. At Manson Dentistry, these restorations are made of porcelain – a beautiful and practical choice! Not only is it wear-resistant, it also matches the natural color of your teeth.

Root Canals – Sometimes a badly damaged or decayed tooth may require a root canal. During endodontic treatment, we will remove the infected nerve from the inside of your tooth. Then your tooth will be cleaned and sealed off. A crown is placed afterward to ensure that your tooth is protected and restored back to its original function.

Bridges – A dental bridge is exactly what it sounds like – a restoration that “bridges” between two teeth to fill the space left by a missing one. They are composed of prosthetic teeth which are supported on either side by a crown fitted over your healthy teeth. Our bridges, like crowns, are made from porcelain to blend in with your bite.

Dental Implant Restorations – Implants are an efficient way to replace missing teeth for life. After your implants have been installed, Dr. Manson can restore them with your choice of prosthesis. In most cases, a porcelain crown will be placed over the abutment, giving you a brand-new “tooth.” Implants are a great choice since they don’t require altering your adjacent teeth, the way bridges do.

Making You Feel Comfortable

man getting his teeth examined for consultation on restorative dental optionsVisits to the dentist can make some people feel anxious or uncomfortable. Dr. Manson and his staff know this, and that’s why we’re committed to making your visit as relaxing as possible. If you’re worried about your visit, don’t despair! We always talk with new patients about what we can do to ensure that you’re confident about your procedure.

We offer nitrous oxide (commonly known as “laughing gas”) to help you relax during your procedure. Nitrous oxide is safe for adults and children and the effects wear off very quickly. If something stronger is needed, we can also offer light oral sedation.

Don’t worry about feeling stiff during the procedure – if you need to, feel free to ask for a break to stretch or get a drink of water. When things start to feel a little more sensitive, we’re also happy to apply a bit more anesthetic to ensure things are numbed up nicely.

Call Us Today!

Be sure to schedule a consultation at Dr. Manson’s Kirkland office as soon as possible to find out the right solution for you! We even offer same-day emergency appointments if needed.