Family and Preventative Dentistry

A family of 3 smile with healthy oral hygiene from good preventative dental therapyDr. Theron Manson believes that most dental problems can be prevented, which is why our Kirkland family practice is big on decay prevention. We’ll show you what we see during your exam, and guide you through ways of preventing issues from developing further.

Some of the ways we can help to protect your teeth include:

Preventive Cleanings Every Six Months — Routine prophylactic appointments are the first step to avoiding gum disease and tooth decay. Our healthiest patients often require a cleaning at least twice each year…especially if you have a high risk of tooth decay or are wearing braces. If cleanings make your teeth sensitive, we’ll be happy to offer nitrous oxide sedation to ease your mind.

Fluoride Varnish — This unique fluoride treatment allows your teeth to remineralize in areas that are showing signs of pre-decay. The slight tacky texture allows varnish to stay put all day long, so that your enamel can soak up the minerals. If necessary, we’ll also prescribe a home gel to use for managing sensitivity or avoiding white spots during orthodontic treatment.

Protective Athletic Guards — Sporting injuries don’t just break teeth…they can also cause concussions. Wearing a custom fitted mouthpiece can help you prevent those risks far more effectively than an over the counter guard. Ask us how!

Dental Sealants — As your child’s adult molars start to erupt, they are at an increased risk of developing cavities. Protective sealants safeguard the deep grooves and fissures that are often hard to keep clean. They take only a few minutes to place and no numbing or drilling is necessary.

Checkups for Kids — We like to see all children by their first birthday (or when their first tooth erupts.) As a father himself, Dr. Manson understands just how important it is for children to feel comfortable about their dental experience.

Does your child have special needs? Dr. Manson is more than happy to customize our services to fit your family’s unique concerns.

Treatments for Gum Disease

Periodontitis is something we take very seriously. After all, it’s the primary cause of adult tooth loss. During your checkup, we will screen for signs of tissue detachment and bone loss, so that we can intervene as early as symptoms of periodontal disease are present. When necessary, we will recommend scaling and root planing with plenty of numbing to keep you comfortable.

We’re Happy to Book Your Family on the Same Day

kids laying down in a circle part of the no cavities club and great preventative dental careAre you driving all over Kirkland trying to see one dentist while you take your children to a pediatric dentist across town? Dr. Theron Manson provides comprehensive preventive care to patients of all ages.

In fact, we’re happy to work with your school schedule to make it so that your child doesn’t have to miss classes unless absolutely necessary. It’s not uncommon for us to book our day around the North Shore School District hours!

Call our Kirkland family dentist today to schedule your appointment.

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On March 19, Gov. Jay Inslee announced new restrictions on non-urgent medical and dental procedures so the state can make sure Washington health care workers have enough protective equipment to wear as they work the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic. The order applies to any non-urgent procedure that requires medical and dental professionals to wear personal protective equipment (i.e. gloves, masks, gowns, etc). From now until May 18, 2020, all dental offices in Washington State must limit care to emergency treatment only, including our practice. 

Please note that effective March 23rd, all appointments between now and May 18th will need to be rescheduled. Please wait for our team to reach out to reschedule your appointment. We will have limited staff working at various intervals to handle any questions you may have, as well as take care of your emergency dental needs. Please feel free to leave a voicemail for our office and we will return your call at our first availability. Please be patient with us as we work to return the many questions coming our way. 

While this mandated closure is out of our control, we will continue to control what we can: to smile, stay positive and share kindness as we head into unknown territory. We are confident that the good fortune we have had to deliver outstanding dental care, will once again return and we are looking forward to that day. Until then, stay well.

  • Dr. Theron, Dr. Connie, Dr. Souquet and the Manson Dentistry Team