Custom Dentures In Kirkland, WA

Older couple enjoying all types of food because of perfect fitting denturesThe joy of talking, laughing and eating with ease can be easily rediscovered for patients who are currently missing their teeth. At Manson Dentistry, we provide a wide range of full-mouth restoration options to suit every person and smile.

With a visit to our Kirkland practice, you can benefit from a customized denture, crafted with your unique facial structure in mind. You’ll enjoy an improved, more confident appearance that restores the former function of your bite and smile.

Which denture is right for your smile?

Implant Supported Dentures

For patients missing one tooth or several, we offer implant supported restorations. An implant is simply an artificial, titanium “ root” that’s surgically placed in your jaw bone. From this post, a single crown can be permanently anchored to disguise a missing tooth.

With as few as two to four dental implants, a single denture arch can be supported for a secure, durable fit. You’ll never have to worry about denture slippage when laughing or enjoying your favorite foods again! Implant supported dentures can be either removable or permanently fixed in place.

Not only that, but because your restoration is supported by an implant, you’ll enjoy a restoration that’s more secure than any other option in modern dentistry. Titanium is unique in its ability to bond and fuse with your natural bone, creating a permanent anchor for your new teeth.

Traditional Dentures

Dr. Manson offers traditional dentures to restore the structure of your smile and improve your ability to speak and chew. Our conventional prosthetics are customized to fit your special jaw characteristics. At your initial consultation we’ll discuss which denture option best conforms to your needs and take measurements to ensure the best fit.

Conventional dentures are unique in their removability for easy cleaning and maintenance. Your upper “plate” will stay in place, due to suction, while the lower appliance will be secured by gravity. One benefit of traditional dentures is that they can be placed immediately after any teeth are removed, so you don’t have to wait to enjoy a better smile.

Partial Dentures

woman smiles with perfect looking teeth thanks to dentures For patients missing just a few teeth, we also offer partial dentures. These custom removable appliances can be crafted from a metal base, or in an acrylic Valplast model. Cast-metal restorations are custom made from metal alloy, which serves as the framework for your new artificial teeth. They are a strong, durable replacement option, that offers an excellent fit with minimal thickness, for a more comfortable prosthesis.

While cast-metal is considered the standard in partial dentures, many patients prefer the comfort and flexibility of Valplast restorations. These acrylic appliances are less noticeable.

Proper Care for Your New Prosthesis

Contentious attention can extend the life and appearance of your new denture. Dr. Manson’s team will be happy to demonstrate the best way to keep your new teeth clean. If your current denture is broken or no longer fits well, be sure to give us a call. You don’t have to put up with ill-fitting dentures or a gapped smile. Call us today schedule your appointment at our Kirkland office right away!