Dr. Alan Alaa Yassin DDS MS MSD

Oral Surgery, Dental Implants, Periodontics

Dr. Yassin is an internationally renowned surgeon with unparalleled experience and accreditation in both Periodontics and Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery. With his exceptionally rare dual training, Dr. Yassin has been practicing dentistry and oral surgery since his graduation from dental school at the University of Aleppo in 2001, and Damascus Hospital in 2006. Dr. Yassin is an esteemed graduate from the University of Washington and a diplomate of the German Board of Oral Implantology, having completed a total of 15 years of higher education and being an award-winning dentist with prestigious achievements such as the International Exchange Award from the University of Washington and the Academic Achievement Scholarship from Students International. 

Dr. Yassin was raised in a family of inveterate medical professionalism; influenced by his father and his older sister, a successful doctor and dentist respectively, Dr. Yassin realized his calling as a dental surgeon at the young age of 14 and has worked hard to actualize this ambition ever since. Keeping the family tradition alive, giving back to the community is a priority for Dr. Yassin. He is known for his continued dedication to volunteering to provide free dental service to uninsured and underserved patients both locally and internationally.

Dr. Yassin actively lectures at national and international conferences and symposiums, in addition to rigorous online courses and webinars. He is the director of the Clinical Implantology A-Z of the Washington Academy of General Dentistry and regularly teaches at the UW School of Dentistry as an affiliate clinical instructor. In addition, he is a fellow member of several national and international dental associations where he enjoys interacting with colleagues from around the globe. Locally, Dr. Yassin is active in numerous dental study clubs where he learns from his peers and shares his experiences as well!

Dr. Yassin has several publications and articles in refereed and peer-reviewed journals and additionally serves as a reviewer in several academic journals. His Master’s thesis titled: “Hyaluronan-CD44 Interactions Contractility Mediate and Migration in Periodontal Ligament Cells” displays revolutionary research on methods of preventing and treating periodontal disease. His work has been an invaluable addition to many different research projects in the fields of Periodontics, Maxillofacial Surgery, and dental implants. 

With his comprehensive experience as a periodontist, Dr. Yassin understands the criticality of any surgery and the lingering effects of a patient’s previous dental experiences; he never fails to provide his patients with easy, comfortable, and safe options, using minimally-invasive therapies in a gentle manner and offering intravenous sedation when necessary. 

Whether you are in need for dental implants, tooth extractions, gingival (gum) grafts, sinus surgery, bone grafting, immediate implants, Full Mouth Teeth In One Day Implant Therapy, implant-supported partials or dentures, full mouth cases, implant in the esthetic zone, wisdom teeth removal, periodontics, and gum disease treatment, surgically accelerated orthodontics, or any other oral surgery procedure, rest assured that Dr. Yassin and his team will study your case carefully with an interdisciplinary approach in order to finalize your ideal treatment plan and provide efficient, minimally-traumatic methods to attain beautiful, long-lasting results. 

Away from his professional life, Dr. Yassin spends quality time with his family, his wife Layla (a clinical professor in the Department of Oral Surgery at the University of Washington) and his 9-year-old son Mohammad, where they enjoy swimming, playing soccer, singing, photography, hiking, camping and exploring the beautiful PNW and the Greater Seattle Area which they proudly call it home!