6 Advantages of Dental Implants

If you have a tooth that needs to be replaced, our Kirkland dentist will typically
recommend dental implants as the best option. Some of the top advantages that implants offer
as opposed to other tooth replacement treatments include:

Implants Are Non-Removable

Implants and the crowns that are attached to them are permanently fixed in place. That means you don’t have to worry about regularly removing and replacing any false teeth as you would if you had a partial or full denture (an alternative tooth replacement option).

You’ll Still Enjoy Your Food

Dentures and partials cover your taste buds, making food less enjoyable to eat. With implants, you’ll enjoy the same foods you always have without any dietary restrictions.

Implants Preserve Your Jawbone and Facial Appearance

Once a tooth goes missing, your jaw bone begins to deteriorate. As a result, your cheeks will
sink in and you’ll have more apparent wrinkles and loose skin. Replacing a missing tooth with a dental implant maintains healthy bone levels and supports your facial structure.

Enjoy The Same Convenience as a Natural Tooth

Removable prosthetics can be uncomfortable for some people to wear because they fill your
mouth with a plastic appliance that can feel cumbersome or rub your gum tissues. With an implant being a single post and a stand-alone crown, they are as comfortable as a natural tooth. you’ll forget it’s even there!

Implants Stand Alone and Don’t Affect Other Teeth

A dental bridge is a connection of three or more crowns used to replace a missing
tooth. Each bridge is fixed by cementing it to the teeth adjacent to the space. However, these natural teeth will need to be cut down to fit the bridge. Doing so isn’t something we recommend if healthy virgin teeth are involved. If something occurs in the future to one of the anchoring teeth and a single one needs to be repaired, you’ll need to remove and replace the entire bridge.

Implants are non-invasive to the adjacent teeth. They are entirely stand-alone restorations, making them healthier for your overall smile. Placing an implant prevents altering the neighboring teeth or having to worry about one of them potentially failing at a later point in time.

An Implant Can Last The Rest of Your Life

You can expect to keep your dental implant for a lifetime as long as you prevent gum disease and bone loss with good oral hygiene. Though partials and bridges do last a long time, you’ll
need to replace them every so often to ensure they fit correctly or as the acrylic wears out.

Dental Implants In Kirkland

Find out if a dental implant is your best tooth replacement option. Plan a visit with Doctor Manson of Mason Dentistry in Kirkland to see if you qualify. We would love to meet you and discuss your treatment options. Give us a call today to schedule a consultation!